MixStirs Cafe - 555 Grant St Pittsburgh PA 15219 - Ph 412 434-6830 - (Pittsburgh)

Posted on: 04/16/13


MixStirs Cafe is a chain of smoothie shops, with franchises located throughout the United States. Its menu features a selection of protein, fruit, classic, dessert, booster and vitamin smoothies. Favorites include Oreo Madness, Blue Thriller, Say It Ain't Soy, Peanut Butter Blast, Chocolate Nirvana, Coffee Utopia, Marvelous Mango, Skinny Squeeze, Coldkicker and the "Immune," "Protein," and "Nutrient" Power Boosts. The cafe also features Acai bowls and juices. Hungry? Get MixStirs Cafe Delivery from Foodler.com Foodler.com Order from local restaurants. Contact: Ph: (412) 434-6830 Address: 555 Grant St Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Website: http://www.mixstirs.com/

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